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Titanic A to Z is a top-rated Kindle books for kids

Learn about the history of the Titanic by reading my Amazon Kindle book, “Titanic A to Z; the History of the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck.” Although the book is written in an A to Z format, it’s not a simple … Continue reading

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Why We Still Need Cursive Writing in K-12 Education

Recently a young mother told me that her daughter, who is in middle school, has never been taught to cursive write in the public school. “Oh, they don’t even teach cursive writing anymore,” she said. “All the kids print.” Most … Continue reading

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Why the “Race to the Top” Grants will Not Solve the Low Reading Test Scores in K-12 Schools

The competition among states for Race to the Top federal grants of almost 5 billion dollars totally misses the real problem of why one in four students drop out and about 20% of high school graduates in the U.S. read … Continue reading

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Focusing on Main Idea can Improve Reading Comprehension

Teaching students to determine the main idea of reading materials can improve their reading comprehension and raise test scores. Main idea questions are common on reading tests and in textbooks. Once students become proficient in determining the main idea, they … Continue reading

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How to Be Proactive at Your Child’s School

If your child or teenager is enrolled in a public or private school, there are many things you can do to establish a strong link with the school and faculty to enhance your child’s learning experience. Here are 7 ways … Continue reading

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