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Why You don’t want Your Kid Reading at the Frustration Level

Help Your Kids Read Better. Don’t let them read at the Frustration Level. Learn about the 3 Levels of Reading Competence. Continue reading

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Focusing on Main Idea can Improve Reading Comprehension

Teaching students to determine the main idea of reading materials can improve their reading comprehension and raise test scores. Main idea questions are common on reading tests and in textbooks. Once students become proficient in determining the main idea, they … Continue reading

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7 Tips on How to Help a Child Develop Good Reading Comprehension

The way you communicate is the secret to helping your child develop good reading comprehension and superb reading skills. Recent studies have proven that the quality of the parent’s communication with the child, especially during the early years, is a … Continue reading

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How a Quotation Log Can Improve Reading Comprehension

If you want to improve a student’s reading comprehension, I recommend a “quotation log”. I have used it very effectively with both middle school and high school students. It can also be used in elementary grades and can work well … Continue reading

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking Skills

Reading comprehension is a common reading problem among students, especially from fourth grade through college level courses. Students, even those who can read the words well , do not always reflect or analyze the material efficiently.  This transfers into poor … Continue reading

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